Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book in for a tattoo?  Appointments are set up during a consultation, and consults are set up over email or telephone ( or 778 478 2008).  We are in the shop Tuesday through Saturday, so if the door is open then feel free to stop by in person to set up a consult.  

Do you do walk ins?  Absolutely, if we have an opening.  Some days we are fully booked, but if the front door is unlocked, then please come up and ask.

Is there anyone you won’t tattoo?  We don’t tattoo people under 18 (even with parental consent), pregnant or breast feeding women, and anyone with transmittable diseases or undergoing chemotherapy.

Can I see my design before my appointment?  No, we will explain this during your consult.

What method of payment do you take?   Cash , email transfer, or credit card.

What are your rates?  $100 shop minimum charge.  $150\hr experienced tattooer rate, and $120\hr apprentice rate.  (Prices plus gst).  

Do I have to leave a deposit?  Yes.  $100 deposit gets you a custom drawing and holds a tattoo appointment date.  Deposit money will be applied to the cost of the tattoo.  No cancellations and no refunds.

Are touch ups included in the price of the tattoo?  Within the first year on regular tattoos that you follow the healing instructions with, your artists will not charge you for their time to touch it up.  We charge a minimal fee of $20 to cover tattoo supplies.

Does it hurt?  It ranges from uncomfortable to irritating to painful, depending on the part of your body being tattooed.  If you are hydrated, well rested, and fed you will be able to handle it with ease.

What can I do to prepare ahead of my tattoo?  Sleep well, drink lots of water, keep your blood sugar levels up.  Have a shower.  Don’t go out drinking the night before – alcohol tends to make your blood thinner so the tattoo doesn’t go in as well as it could. 

Can my friends watch?  Sorry, no.  The tattoo space is a sterile procedure area, so don’t bring your entourage!  Or your kids.